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Interface: SearchFilterBuilder<Document, SearchIndexConfig>


Builder for defining search filters.

A search filter is a chained list of:

  1. One search expression constructed with .search.
  2. Zero or more equality expressions constructed with .eq.

The search expression must search for text in the index's searchField. The filter expressions can use any of the filterFields defined in the index.

For all other filtering use filter.

To learn about full text search, see Indexes.

Type parameters

Documentextends GenericDocument
SearchIndexConfigextends GenericSearchIndexConfig


search(fieldName, query): SearchFilterFinalizer<Document, SearchIndexConfig>

Search for the terms in query within doc[fieldName].

This will do a full text search that returns results where any word of of query appears in the field.

Documents will be returned based on their relevance to the query. This takes into account:

  • How many words in the query appear in the text?
  • How many times do they appear?
  • How long is the text field?


fieldNameSearchIndexConfig["searchField"]The name of the field to search in. This must be listed as the index's searchField.
querystringThe query text to search for.


SearchFilterFinalizer<Document, SearchIndexConfig>

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