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Authentication allows you to identify users and restrict what data they can see and edit.

Convex Auth

You can implement auth directly in Convex with the Convex Auth library. It's an easy way to get up and running and build a custom sign-up/sign-in flow via social identity providers, one-time email or SMS access codes, or via passwords.

Third-party authentication platforms

Alternatively, you can leverage a Convex integration with an existing third-party auth provider. Integrating another service is a bit more involved, but these platforms provide a ton of functionality on top of the authentication basics:

  • Clerk is newer and has better Next.js and React Native support
  • Auth0 is more established with more bells and whistles

After you integrate one of these, learn more about accessing authentication information in Functions and storing user information in the Database.


If you run into issues consult the Debugging guide.

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