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Interface: DefineSchemaOptions<StrictTableNameTypes>


Options for defineSchema.

Type parameters

StrictTableNameTypesextends boolean



Optional schemaValidation: boolean

Whether Convex should validate at runtime that all documents match your schema.

If schemaValidation is true, Convex will:

  1. Check that all existing documents match your schema when your schema is pushed.
  2. Check that all insertions and updates match your schema during mutations.

If schemaValidation is false, Convex will not validate that new or existing documents match your schema. You'll still get schema-specific TypeScript types, but there will be no validation at runtime that your documents match those types.

By default, schemaValidation is true.

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Optional strictTableNameTypes: StrictTableNameTypes

Whether the TypeScript types should allow accessing tables not in the schema.

If strictTableNameTypes is true, using tables not listed in the schema will generate a TypeScript compilation error.

If strictTableNameTypes is false, you'll be able to access tables not listed in the schema and their document type will be any.

strictTableNameTypes: false is useful for rapid prototyping.

Regardless of the value of strictTableNameTypes, your schema will only validate documents in the tables listed in the schema. You can still create and modify other tables on the dashboard or in JavaScript mutations.

By default, strictTableNameTypes is true.

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