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Convex Docs

Convex is an all-in-one backend platform with thoughtful, product-centric APIs.

Use TypeScript to write queries as code that are automatically cached and realtime, with an acid compliant relational database.

Learn about Convex by creating a chat app

Convex is a novel, fun, and extremely productive way to make backends for your


Quickly get up and running with your favorite frontend tooling or language:

Why Convex?

Backends Should be Designed for Product Developers

Intro to Convex

Supercharging your app with a reactive backend

Why I use Convex over Supabase as my BaaS

Read the team's Perspectives on Stack:

Learn Convex

A quick start guide for using Convex with Next.js

Fullstack Notion Clone: Next.js 13, React, Convex, Tailwind

Build and Deploy a Saas Podcast Platform in Next.js

Building a Subscription Based SaaS with Stripe

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