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Convex is the reactive backend-as-a-service for web developers.

Convex makes it dead simple to store your app's shared state and sync it everywhere. As a developer, you interact with your shared state using JavaScript or TypeScript functions and bind that state to your reactive app.

Realtime updates are automatic. Every user everywhere sees the current version of your state.

Convex is fully serverless and automatically handles caching and scaling.

Get started at!

This package includes several separate entry points for building apps on Convex:

  • convex/server: Helpers for implementing Convex functions.
  • convex/react: Hooks and a ConvexReactClient for integrating Convex into React applications.
  • convex/browser: A ConvexHttpClient for using Convex in other browser environments.
  • convex/values: Utilities for working with values stored in Convex.
  • convex/schema: Utilities for defining the schema of your Convex project.
  • convex/react-auth0: A React component for authenticating users with Auth0.

This package also includes convex, a command-line interface for managing Convex projects.

Looking for the Angular ORM named Convex? See