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TypeScript/JavaScript client libraries and CLI for Convex.

Convex is the backend application platform with everything you need to build your product.

Get started at!

Or see Convex demos.

Open discussions and issues in this repository about Convex TypeScript/JavaScript clients, the Convex CLI, or the Convex platform in general.

Also feel free to share feature requests, product feedback, or general questions in the Convex Discord Community.


This package includes several entry points for building apps on Convex:

  • convex/server: Helpers for implementing Convex functions.
  • convex/react: Hooks and a ConvexReactClient for integrating Convex into React applications.
  • convex/browser: A ConvexHttpClient for using Convex in other browser environments.
  • convex/values: Utilities for working with values stored in Convex.
  • convex/schema: Utilities for defining the schema of your Convex project.
  • convex/react-auth0: A React component for authenticating users with Auth0.
  • convex/react-clerk: A React component for authenticating users with Clerk.

This package also includes convex, the command-line interface for managing Convex projects.