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Convex integrates with a variety of supported third party tools for log streaming and exception reporting.

  • Log Streams enable streaming of log events from your Convex deployment to supported destinations, such as Axiom, Datadog, or a custom webhook.
  • Exception Reporting gives visibility into errors in your Convex function executions.

Configuring an Integration

To configure an integration, navigate to the Deployment Settings in the Dashboard, and the "Integrations" tab in the sidebar. This page provides a list of your configured integrations, their current health status, and other integrations available to be configured. To configure a integration, click on the card and follow the setup directions.

Integrations Page

Deleting an Integration

To remove an integration and stop further events from being piped out to the configured destination, select the menu icon in the upper-right corner of a configured panel and select "Delete integration". After confirming, the integration will stop running within a few seconds.


Please reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions on Discord.