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Pausing a Deployment

Pausing a deployment is a way to "turn off" a deployment without deleting any data. This can be useful if you have an action that is blowing through a third-party API quota and you just need a big red stop button.

When a deployment is paused:

  • New function calls will return an error.
  • Scheduled jobs will queue and run when the deployment is resumed.
  • Cron jobs will be skipped.
  • Everything else (e.g. code push, dashboard edits) should work as usual.

This is important! All new function calls will return an error when a deployment is paused, so if you are running an app in production you may want to consider alternatives like pushing code that disables a feature you are trying to "turn off". We recommend testing this feature in a dev deployment first before pausing a production deployment.

Pause Deployment Button

A deployment can be resumed with this button on the same page:

Resume Deployment