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Exception Reporting

Configure exception reporting to gain visibility into errors from your Convex function executions. Convex supports integration with Sentry.

Currently, exception reporting is only available to Pro users.

Exception Reporting Integrations are in beta

Exception Reporting Integrations are currently a beta feature. If you have feedback or feature requests, let us know on Discord!

Configuring Sentry

To configure sentry, navigate to the Deployment Settings in the Dashboard, and the "Integrations" tab in the sidebar.

Integrations Page

Click on the Sentry card and follow the setup directions. You will need your Sentry DSN.

Configure sentry

Sentry Notes

  • If the function is authenticated, then the tokenIdentifier is used as the user id on Sentry. The tokenIdentifier is a stable and globally unique string representing the authenticated user.
  • Sentry Exceptions may take a minute or two to propagate to Sentry.
  • Convex's built-in sentry support does not yet support the advanced customization provided by the sentry SDK.
  • Please reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions on Discord.