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We’d love for you to have unlimited joy building on Convex but engineering practicalities dictate a few limits. This page outlines current limits in the Convex ecosystem.

Many of these limits will become more permissive over time. Please get in touch if any are prohibitive for your application.

Limits are applied per team unless stated otherwise.


$25/member per month


Storage0.5 GiB50 GiB included
$0.20/month per additional GiB
Includes database rows and indexes but not files or snapshots.
Bandwidth1 GiB/month50 GiB/month included
$0.20 per additional GiB
Document and index data transferred between Convex functions and the underlying database.
Tables10,00010,000Per deployment.
Indexes per table3232
Fields per index1616
Index name length64 characters64 characters


  • Table and index names must be valid identifiers and cannot start with an underscore.


Applied per document and to any nested Object unless stated otherwise.

Size1 MiB
Fields1024The number of fields/keys
Field name length64 charactersNested Object keys can have length up to 1024 characters.
Field nesting depth16How many times objects and arrays can be nested, e.g. [[[[]]]]
Array elements8192


  • Field names must only contain non-control alphanumeric ASCII characters and underscores and must start with an alphabetic character or underscore.
  • Strings must be valid Unicode sequences with no unpaired surrogates.


Function calls1,000,000/month25,000,000/month included
$2 per additional 1,000,000
Explicit client calls, scheduled executions, subscription updates, and file accesses count as function calls.
Action execution20 GiB-hours250 GiB-hours included
$0.30/GiB-hour additional
Convex runtime: 64 MiB RAM.
Node.js runtime: 512 MiB RAM.
Code size32 MiB32 MiBPer deployment.
Function argument size8 MiB8 MiB
Function return value size8 MiB8 MiB
HTTP action response size20 MiB20 MiBThere is no specific limit on request size
Number of documents scanned in a query1638416384Documents not returned due to a filter count as scanned
Number of documents written in a mutation81928192
Length of a console.log line4 KiB4 KiB
Log streaming limits4096 logs, flushed every 10 seconds4096 logs, flushed every 10 secondsHow many logs can be buffered when streaming

Execution time and scheduling

Query/mutation execution time1 secondLimit applies only to user code and doesn’t include database operations.
Action execution time10 minutes
Scheduled functions1000The number of other functions a single mutation can schedule.
Total size of scheduled functions' arguments8 MiBApplies only to mutations.
Concurrent IO operations per function1000The number of IO operations a single function can perform, e.g., a database operation, or a fetch request in an action.
Outstanding scheduled functions1,000,000


These limits apply to each query or mutation function.

Data read8 MiB
Data written8 MiB

Environment Variables

Applied per-deployment.

Number of variables100
Maximum name length40 characters
Maximum value size8 KiB

File Storage

Storage1 GiB100 GiB included
$0.03/month per additional GiB
Bandwidth1 GiB/month50 GiB/month included
$0.30 per additional GiB
Full text search is in beta

Full text search is currently a beta feature. If you have feedback or feature requests, let us know on Discord!

Search indexes per table4
Filters per search index16
Terms per search query16
Filters per search query8
Maximum term length32 B
Maximum result set1024
Vector search is in beta

Vector search is currently a beta feature. If you have feedback or feature requests, let us know on Discord!

Vector indexes per table4
Filters per vector index16
Terms per search query16
Vectors to search by1
Dimension fields1 (value between 2-4096)
Filters per search query64
Maximum term length32 B
Maximum result set256 (defaults to 10)

If any of these limits don't work for you, let us know!

Please see our plans and pricing page for resource limits. After these limits are hit on a free plan, new mutations that attempt to commit more insertions or updates may fail. Paid plans have no hard resource limits - they can scale to billions of documents and TBs of storage.