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Status and Guarantees

Convex is ready for production use. You can choose a plan that's right for you.

Please contact us with any specific requirements or if you want to build a project on Convex that is not yet satisfied by our guarantees.


The official Convex Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Customer Agreements are outlined in our official terms. We do not yet have contractual agreements beyond what is listed in our official terms and the discussions within this document don't constitute an amendment to these terms.

Convex is pre-1.0, which means we may still make breaking changes to our API. You can follow along with the updates on our blog. We will use our best effort to avoid major breaking changes, and you can skip an update for a limited period of time if you want more time to update to a newer API.

All user data in Convex is encrypted at rest. Database state is replicated durably across multiple physical availability zones. Regular periodic and incremental database backups are performed and stored with 99.999999999% (11 9's) durability.

We target an availability of 99.99% (4 9's) for Convex deployments although these may experience downtime for maintenance without notice. A physical outage may affect availability of a deployment but will not affect durability of the data stored in Convex.


The maximum record size is 1 MB. Convex also limits the size and nesting depth of the documents stored in the system as described in Field Values. The maximum number of tables is 10,000. Convex does not enforce a maximum file size for uploads to File Storage, although upload attempts will timeout after 2 minutes.

We limit free plans to 1,000,000 records and 500 MB. Free File Storage is limited to 1 GB of storage and 1 GB/month of serving.

After these limits are hit, new mutations that attempt to commit more insertions or updates will fail. Paid plans have no hard limits - they can scale to billions of records and TBs of storage. For more information see our plans.


Convex is under very active development and this section outlines some areas of currently missing functionality. We'd love to hear more about your requirements in the Convex Discord Community.


Convex currently has an authentication framework which verifies user identities. In the future we plan to add an authorization framework which will allow developers to define what data a user can access.

For now, you can implement manual authorization checks within your queries and mutations, but stay tuned for a more comprehensive, fool-proof solution in the future.


Currently, the dashboard provides only basic metrics. Serious sites at scale are going to need to integrate our logs and metrics into more fully fledged observability systems that categorize them and empower things like alerting.

Convex will eventually have methods to publish deployment data in formats that can be ingested by third parties.

Analytics / OLAP

Convex is designed to primarily service all your app's realtime implementation (OLTP) needs. It is less suited to be a good solution for the kinds of complex queries and huge table scans that are necessary to address the requirements of analytics (OLAP) use cases.

Convex exposes an Airbyte connector to export Convex data to external analytics systems.

Browser support

Convex does not yet have an official browser support policy, but we strive to support most modern browsers with significant usage.