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Convex supports point-in-time queries (see HTTP client) and query subscriptions (see ConvexClient) in Node.js.

If your JavaScript code uses import/export syntax, calling Convex functions works just like in a browser.

import { ConvexHttpClient, ConvexClient } from "convex/browser";
import { api } from "./convex/_generated/api.js";

// HTTP client
const httpClient = new ConvexHttpClient(CONVEX_URL_GOES_HERE);

// Subscription client
const client = new ConvexClient(CONVEX_URL_GOES_HERE);
client.onUpdate(api.messages.list, {}, (messages) => console.log(messages));


Just like bundling for the browser, bundling TypeScript code for Node.js with webpack, esbuild, rollup, vite, and others usually allow you import from code that uses import/export syntax with no extra setup.

If you use TypeScript to compile your code (this is rare for web projects but more common with Node.js), add "allowJs": true to tsconfig.json compiler options so that TypeScript will compile the api.js file as well.

TypeScript without a compile step

If you want to run your TypeScript script directly without a compile step, installing ts-node-esm and running your script with ts-node-esm should work if you use "type": "module" in your package.json.

JavaScript with CommonJS (require() syntax)

If you don't use "type": "module" in the package.json of your project you'll need to use require() syntax and Node.js will not be able to import the convex/_generated/api.js file directly.

In the same directory as your package.json, create or edit convex.json:

"generateCommonJSApi": true

When the convex dev command generates files in convex/_generated/ a new api_cjs.cjs file will be created which can be imported from CommonJS code.

const { ConvexHttpClient, ConvexClient } = require("convex/browser");
const { api } = require("./convex/_generated/api_cjs.cjs");
const httpClient = new ConvexHttpClient(CONVEX_URL_GOES_HERE);

TypeScript with CommonJS without a compile step

Follow the steps above for CommonJS and use ts-node to run you code. Be sure your tsconfig.json is configured for CommonJS output.

Using Convex with Node.js without codegen

You can always use the anyApi object or strings if you don't have the Convex functions and api file handy. An api reference like api.folder.file.exportName becomes anyApi.folder.file.exportName or "folder/file:exportName".