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This code is generated

These exports are not directly available in the convex package!

Instead you must run npx convex dev to create convex/_generated/api.js and convex/_generated/api.d.ts.

These types require running code generation because they are specific to the Convex functions you define for your app.

If you aren't using code generation, you can use the generic version instead, GenericAPI.



Ƭ ConvexAPI: Object

A TypeScript type describing your app's public Convex API.

This ConvexAPI type includes information about the arguments and return types of your app's Convex functions.

This type should be used with type-parameterized classes like ConvexReactClient and ConvexHttpClient to create app-specific types.

import { ConvexReactClient } from "convex/react";
import { ConvexAPI } from "../convex/_generated/api";

// typically loaded from an environment variable
const address = "";
const convex = new ConvexReactClient(address);

const convex: ConvexReactClient<ConvexAPI> = new ConvexReactClient(address);