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Exporting Data Snapshots

You can export your data from Convex using Snapshot export, which you can find in the settings page of your project in the dashboard.

Snapshot Export View

When you request an export, Convex will generate a JSON file for each Convex table in your deployment with the latest version of every document at the time of your request. This may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on how much data is in your deployment. You can download the files by clicking on the links in the Latest Snapshot table. Each export is a consistent snapshot of your data at the time of your request, and each JSON is an array of documents from a single table, ordered by _id.

Latest Export View


Can I use snapshot export as a backup?

Right now, you can only access one export at a time, so this is not an automated backup system. You are welcome to download your tables routinely, and feel free to chime in on Discord if you would like to see better support for backups.

Are there any limitations?

Snapshot export is only available for deployments with less than 128 tables. Each export is accessible for up to 14 days (if no more exports are requested). There is no limit to how many exports you can request.