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Project settings

A project corresponds to a codebase that uses Convex, which contains a production deployment and one personal deployment for each team member.

Clicking on a project in the landing page will redirect you to project details.

Creating a project

Projects can be created from the dashboard or from the CLI. To create a project from the dashboard click on the Create Project button.

Project Settings

You can access project-level settings by clicking on the triple-dot button on each Project card on the Projects page.

Project card menu

On the Project Settings page, you can:

  • Update your project's name and slug.
  • Manage the project's Admins. See Roles and Permissions for more details.
  • View the amount of usage metrics your project has consumed.
  • Generate deploy keys for your production and preview deployments.
  • Create and edit default environment variables.
  • View instructions to regain access to your project, should you lose track of your CONVEX_DEPLOYMENT config.
  • Permanently delete the project.

Project settings

Deleting projects

To delete a project, click on the triple-dot button on the Project card and select "Delete". You may also delete your project from the Project Settings page.

Once a project is deleted, it cannot be recovered. All deployments and data associated with the project will be permanently removed. When deleting a project from the dashboard, you will be asked to confirm the deletion. Projects with activity in the production deployment will have additional confirmation steps to prevent accidental deletion.

Delete project