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Open Source

The Convex backend, client libraries, and CLI are all open-source. You can explore everything on the Convex GitHub page.

Convex Backend

The open-source Convex Backend codebase consists of just over 200,000 lines of code, which comprise the core backend implementation of Convex. The majority of the backend is written in Rust, with a healthy dose of TypeScript supporting the server-side function environment.

While this is a single-machine version of Convex, it contains exactly the same fully up-to-date code used by the cloud service. All app APIs are supported, so any project that runs in the cloud service can be run by the open-source backend.

You are welcome to use this code to run your application, either for local testing or in production, but you are on your own managing it and ensuring the system is reliable and secure. It doesn't include the scale-out services, replicated database backend, production dashboard, or operational tooling.

You can learn more about open-sourcing at Convex in our announcement and the software engineering daily podcast. It is released under the FSL Apache 2.0 License.

Helpful articles:

Convex Clients

All Convex Clients are open-source.

Much Much More

Convex also open-sources many other helpful projects including helpers, templates, demos, a testing harness and much more. See the complete list of all our public repositories at GitHub.

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