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In Convex, your projects are organized by team. Teams are used to share access to your projects with other people. You may switch between teams or create a new team by clicking on the team switcher located on the top of the Convex dashboard.

Team switcher

The team switcher also allows you to search for projects within a specific team.

You may change the name of a team or invite new members to a team by clicking on the "Team Settings" button located on the top of the project list page.


General page allows changing the team name.

General team settings page

Deleting a Team

Currently, it is not possible to delete a team yourself. If you need to remove a team, please contact for assistance.

Team Members

Use the members settings page to invite or remove members from your team.

Team members page

Roles and permissions

Convex has two levels of control for managing access to your team, projects, and deployments. Team-level roles control what a user can do within the team, while project-level permissions control what a user can do within a specific project.

Team roles

Your team members can have one of the following roles:

  • Admin
  • Developer

The creator of the team is automatically assigned the Admin role. When inviting new team members, you may select a role for them. You may also change the role of a team member at any time.

Developers can:

  • Create new projects and deployments. When a new project is created, the creator of the project is automatically granted the Project Admin role for that project.
  • View existing projects, and create development and preview deployments for these projects. Developers may read data from production deployments, but cannot write to them.
  • View the team's usage and billing status (such as previous and upcoming invoices)

Admins can do everything developers can, as well as:

  • Invite new team members
  • Remove members from the team
  • Change the role of other team members
  • Manage the team's Convex subscription and billing details.
  • Change the team name and slug
  • Team Admins are also implicitly granted project admin access to all projects within the team. See Project Admins for more information.

Project Admins

In addition to team roles, you may also grant admin access to individual projects by granting team members the "Project Admin" role.

If you are a Project Admin for a given project, you may:

  • Update the project name and slug
  • Update the project's default environment variables
  • Delete the project
  • Write to production deployments

You may assign and remove the Project Admin role for multiple projects at the same time on the member settings page. To assign or remove the Project Admin role for multiple members at the same time, visit the Project Settings page instead.


Use the billing page to upgrade your Convex subscription to a higher tier, or manage your existing subscription.

On paid plans, you can also update your billing contact details, payment method, and view your invoices.

Learn more about Convex pricing.

Team billing page


On the usage page you can see all the resources consumed by your team, and how you're tracking against your plan's limits.

Learn more about Convex pricing.

Team usage page

All metrics are available in daily breakdowns:

Team usage page graphs

Audit Log


The Audit Log is only available for paid teams.

The audit log page shows all the actions taken by members within the team. This includes creating and managing projects and deployments, inviting and removing team members, and more.

Team audit log page

You may also view a history of deployment-related events on the deployment history page.