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Next steps

Connect with the Convex community

Do you want some company as you continue your Convex journey? Join the Convex Discord server to get support, share ideas, and chat with other Convex users and team members.

Dig into the docs

Did the tour pique your curiosity about the technology and concepts behind Convex? Do you want to explore other platform features and use cases not covered on the tour, such as authentication, search, and file storage? The Convex Docs have you covered! Use the links below or the sidebar to deep dive into the details.

Try out templates

Are you looking for inspiration, or a project you can use as boilerplate to start your own? Then the Template Gallery is for you!

Browse the template gallery

Quickstart your own project

Do you have an existing project you'd like to integrate Convex into? Check out these quickstarts to get Convex up and running in your tech stack of choice.