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React Native

Example: React Native

React Native is a framework combining native mobile app development with React. React Native can also be used with Convex!

Getting Started

You can create a new React Native app following the environment setup guide, which will end with creating a new project with

npx react-native init myapp

Then install the Convex client library and initialize a new project.

cd myapp
npm install convex
npx convex login
npx convex init

See quickstart for more on these steps.

Using Convex

You need a couple additional steps to get Convex working with React Native.

Add react-dom and add react-native-get-random-values via these instructions (to allow use of crypto).

npm install react-dom
npm install react-native-get-random-values
import 'react-native-get-random-values';

Lastly, you should disable the unsaved changes warning when creating the Convex client, as it is not compatible with native apps:

const convex = new ConvexReactClient(process.env.REACT_APP_CONVEX_URL, {
// We need to disable this to be compatible with React Native
unsavedChangesWarning: false,